Dr. Sue Pedersen


What makes Dr. Sue Pedersen a great medical doctor isn’t only her immense knowledge as a Specialist in Endocrinology & Metabolism; it is also her passion and drive to help her patients on their journey to healthier, happier lives.
After completing her training as an Endocrinologist in 2005 at the University of Calgary, Dr. Pedersen has been busy, working in clinical practices both in Calgary, AB, and at the Royal University Hospital at the University of Saskatchewan. She enjoys her general endocrinology practice, including thyroid, reproductive, pituitary, and adrenal health issues, and has a special interest in diabetes and obesity.

In 2009, to further enhance her knowledge for her patients’ benefit, Dr. Pedersen took a year-long research sabbatical at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark focusing on obesity management. Dr. Pedersen makes herself and her knowledge available to both patients of C-endo and the general public by maintaining a public information website about weight management and diabetes at www.drsue.ca.

Raised in Calgary, Dr Sue is an avid mountain lover, skier and triathlete, and enjoys quality time spent with her family.