Lee-Ann Langkaas LPN

Clinic Manager

Lee-Ann brings 32 years of experience in the health care field as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She spent her first 17 years of nursing at various hospitals including Queen Elizabeth II in Grande Prairie, Royal Alexandra and University of Alberta Hospital. In 2000, Lee-Ann was selected to work as a Clinical Research Nurse and a Nurse Educator at the University of Alberta where she focused on patients diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Four years later, Lee-Ann took the role of Clinical Research Associate, for a local Clinical Research Organization monitoring clinical trials in Canada and the United States. She then accepted a position as Regional Clinical Research Associate with Novo Nordisk Canada, specializing in Diabetes.

Lee-Ann missed the interaction with patients and families so she returned to research at the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Center where she managed Phase 1-4 clinical trials. Another great opportunity arose in 2011 and was she hired to oversee clinical trials at the Alberta Diabetes Institute in the area of diabetes, obesity and hypertension.
Lee-Ann is excited to be a part of C-Health to enhance quality of life for patients and families who have been diagnosed with diabetes and other related diseases.