Welcome to C-endo

At C-endo we offer timely access to endocrinology specialist care. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive patient-centered care to those living with diabetes, obesity, and other endocrine conditions.

Why Choose C-endo?

C-health is committed to leadership in our communities and across Alberta, to enhance specialist care access and integration with family doctors and the wider healthcare system.

C-endo’s Vision

A world in which those with endocrine conditions are empowered and have quality access to care that is optimized, integrated, and efficient.

C-endo’s Mission

Patient Care

  • Access: To provide timely access to consultations, diagnostics, and intervention for patients with endocrine disorders.
  • Quality: To improve the management of endocrine disorders (Quality), to enhance the identification and prevention of comorbid conditions and disease complications.
  • Sustainability: To facilitate enhanced patient knowledge, health management strategies, and connect patients with endocrine disorders to available support networks.

System Enhancement

  • Access: To help create and improve system resources to enhance access to specialized endocrine care resources.
  • Quality: To enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers to facilitate the management of patients with endocrine disorders.
  • Sustainability: To develop an integrated network of resources to support endocrine care across Alberta.


  • Access: To enhance access to innovative technology that can help improve endocrine care and reduce comorbid complications.
  • Quality: To participate in the development of new knowledge through research to improve the future care of patients with endocrine disorders.
  • Sustainability: To facilitate networking and collaboration among innovators across Alberta and the country.