How to Refer

A referral from a physician is required for a patient to be seen at C-endo. Select the appropriate clinic location to open our fillable PDF referral form. Complete all necessary information, print, sign and fax in the form to start the process.

Once the referral is received our admin team creates a chart for the patient. The patient is then triaged by our experienced team of endocrinologists and internal medicine specialists.

Patients are triaged based on their medical presentation, labs, imaging, history etc. by C-endos internal medicine specialists and endocrinologists.

These wait times are for our endocrinologists and internal medicine specialists. Appointments with our CDE team are booked based on availability and urgency.

Once the patient has been triaged our admin team will contact the patient to book their appointment. After the appointment has been booked a letter will be sent to the patient, and a copy will be sent to the referring physician. An autocall will be sent out to remind the patient of their appointment a week in advance.