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Professional Development Programs

Professional education through practical training supports the transition from theory to practice, enabling providers to take an interactive approach to learning. In this program, providers work alongside physicians and advanced Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) allowing them to gain experience working within a highly functional multidisciplinary team. It is a well-known fact that diabetes requires a multidisciplinary approach because there are so many components to its management. Understanding how to effectively utilize all members of the team to provide patients with the education and support necessary to achieve their individual health goals is an essential component to providing effective, patient-centered care. Learning as part of a multidisciplinary team encourages providers to ask questions at the point of learning, gain a very comprehensive understanding of diabetes, become more comfortable and confident with their knowledge, and learn ways to effectively and confidently communicate this health information to their patients.

C-endo Clinic Nutrition and Diabetes Professional Practice Program

At C-endo our Diabetes Professional Practice Program is an innovative opportunity to gain a better understanding of the CDEs unique role in the management of patients with diabetes. It is an excellent opportunity to increase your understanding of your role as a diabetes healthcare professional, and improve your skills in diabetes management and care.

The one week practical, standardized and comprehensive training program is designed to be suitable for all health providers and ensures that each provider receives the knowledge and tools that they individually need in order to provide effective diabetes education confidently to their patients.

Participant’s work complete learning needs assessments and on-line learning modules prior to attending 3 on-site clinic days. During clinic days, participants will work with our advanced CDEs including Registered Dietitians, Registered Nurses, and Pharmacists. You also have the opportunity to observe the Endocrinologists and Internal Medicine Specialists working within our clinic. You will have the ability to see the team members interact with patients in both individual appointments and within a group setting, learning hands on practical medical and nutritional therapy for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Program Cost

One-week Diabetes Professional Practice Program: $1500.00

How to join the Program?

If you are a registered healthcare professional interested in participating in the program, please contact:

Elyse Morton, C-endo Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic Manager

Healthcare professionals from across Canada and the USA, along with industry professionals and representatives are encouraged to apply.

C-endo Clinic Elite CDE Pharmacist Mentorship Group

Alberta’s licensed pharmacies are now offering a broader scope of services including diabetes education by individual appointment, increasing Albertans access to health care within their home communities. The C-endo Elite CDE Pharmacist Program is a program available to CDE Pharmacists currently practicing within community pharmacies in Edmonton, Calgary and across Southern Alberta. This program provides one-day mentorship at our clinic tailored to meet individual advanced leaning needs. Ongoing education is provided to this unique group three times annually at locations throughout Edmonton and Calgary with topics based on the cumulative groups needs assessment.

Program Cost

The C-endo clinic offers this program at no cost to the participants.

How to join the Program?

If you are a CDE pharmacist that has been working within the area of diabetes for a minimum of 2 years, work with patients at an advanced level of care, currently provide diabetes education by individual appointment to patients within their local community and are looking for appropriate education and support, please contact:

Elyse Morton, C-endo Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic Manager