Welcome to C-endo

Your first visit to C-endo will likely be a consultation where you and your endocrinologist will come up with a plan together to help you meet your goals.

What to expect at c-endo

At C-endo you will be seen by one of our endocrinologist or internal medicine specialists to develop a unique care plan just for you. This plan may involve a referral to the diverse group of healthcare professionals that make up our diabetes education team. They are available to support you on your journey with diabetes to help you reach your goals.

Our team uses a multidisciplinary team approach to help our patients meet their diabetes management goals.

At your first visit to C-endo you will have a consultation with one of our endocrinologists or internal medicine specialists. They will go through your medical history, any test results we have received, and discuss what your goals are in managing your health. This first visit will take approximately 30-60 minutes. Please remember to bring your Alberta Health Care Card and a list of your current medications including doses.

Nutrition therapy provided by a registered dietitian, as part of comprehensive diabetes care has been shown to reduce A1c by 1.0-2.0%.